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November 18, 2000 Speakers: Sally Fallon and Geoffrey Morell
Weston A. Price Foundation 

Notes From Newsletters, Emails, and Meetings

Rita F. highly recommended Geoffrey and Sally of The Weston A. Price Foundation to us in 2000. Since then, multiple group members have been to Geoffrey with benefit. More are incorporating the principles in Sally’s nutrition and traditional diets book as part of their treatment plans. Sometimes we have enough of our members at WAPF Conferences to hold our own support group session! The next one is 11/06 at Westfields CC in Chantilly, Virginia.

Sally Fallon, MA: Nutrition Author & WAPF President and Treasurer

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, has insightful, detailed, amazing and useful information on carbos, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, food allergies, spices, enzymes and more with references and sources for locating products. Its subtitle is The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. It is a well-researched, thought- provoking guide to traditional foods that contains a startling message: Animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels. It is a great resource and one of Elly's favorite books. Her favorite page talks about how having low sodium can feel like low blood sugar! Being tired and cognitively challenged much of the time, she only used 2 recipes often: the fermented carrots and the crispy nuts (see below). Just that change in her diet helped with digestion. This book puts many important nourishment issues in one place and  gives you recipes and fun stories. It is worth much more then its $25 list price and you can find it for less!

Sally is a food activist. She is working hard to expose problems in the food industry, increase food safety and dispel myths based on shoddy science. WAPF's journal is called Wise Traditions and it comes with membership in WAPF. Sally gives many lectures and a group favority she does is based on articles by her and Mary Enig PhD called The Oiling of America. More Fallon biographical information can be found at Life-Enthusiast.

Sally's recipes call for fresh unprocessed foods. Here is a sample recipe with 3 ingredients of which 2 are salt and water! People with CFS have a shot at it, especially if they mail order the nuts and use a faucet filter so as not to have to carry filtered water home from the store. Nuts contain numerous enzyme inhibitors that can put a strain on digestion which soaking and drying help. I’ve tried these at Geoff’s and made them myself. Relatively easy. And yummier than other nuts. Mix in some unsulphured dried fruit if tolerated.

Crispy Almonds (or Walnuts)
4 c. raw walnut halves and pieces
2 t. sea salt, filtered water

Soak nuts in salt and water for at least 7 hours in a warm place. (Elly and Toni say rinse first. They might have flour on them even if label doesn't say and it is just nicer.) Drain. Spread on stainless steal baking pans and place in a warm oven (<150 deg) 12-24 hrs, turning occasionally until dry and crisp. Store in air tight container (walnuts must go in the fridge!).

Weston A. Price Foundation ABC's of Nutrition

Weston A. Price Foundation Dietary Guidelines

Weston A. Price Foundation Dietary Dangers

Weston A Price Foundation Soy Alert!

Broth is Beautiful - Homemade bone broth


Geoffrey Morell, ND, JP: Energy Work & WAPF Secretary

Geoffrey is a medical intuitive, spiritual healer who developed a technique to cleanses aura of negativity and pinpoint the region of disharmony in the physical body. He works to balance the entire human system. Clients can feel like they are walking on air afterwards. He can work at a distance with a photo and birth date. Healing can take place as long as subject is receptive, not persuaded.

Geoff has recommended rebounders or mini-trampolines to help get lymph fluid moving and break up static energy in the body Paul Cheney, MD, a CFS doctor, has been recommending rebounders for years. Geoff brought one to the meeting. He cautions that buying a poorly constructed product could cause harm as it is like jumping on a rock! Note you do not have to jump to benefit. Stepping lightly or even sitting on it while someone else gently bounces you can get the blood and lymph moving. You don't need much time on it either - it is efficient!

He recommends one, called the Cellerciser, by the inventor, Dave Hall. It is $265+25 ship (balance bar is available for $60). It comes with a case, book and video. We ordered as a group once and the shipping was waived. The safety bar is $35. For a brochure of this brand call The Center of Cellular Health at (800) 856-4863. 30 day trial period and refund available. Other brands are Needak and ReboundAir. At least 3 members have done well with brands other then the Cellercisor. Just make sure your knees and feet aren't rolling in - the Cellercisor gives you a straight up and down jump even if you step near the edge. Geoff brings his to the WAPF Conferences for people to sample. Try Elly's at the MVPS/D meetings.

Geoff had some really on target supplement suggestions for Elly, including what not to take. She is very sensitive to Vitamin C and already knew she couldn't handle much when he told her she must avoid it for the time being. Both Sally and Geoff are big fans of cod liver oil and now so are Elly and Toni since added that into our daily regiments helped!

For those who want to read about other medical intuitives, see books
Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, Heal Your Body by Louise Hay, and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can by Carolyn Myss, PhD.

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