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About Group
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About Leaders Brosius, Marshall, and Bell

CFSupport web pages by Elly Brosius
CFSupport web pages by Toni Marshall

CFSupport Web pages by Barbara Bell

What's our POTS Luck?

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Clinical Trials

EGG: Elly's Gratitude Group for persons with CFS, FM, & OI

Events - Upcoming, Current Year, Past Years, Flyers for Events

Group Newsletters Directory

Newsletters on Site

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In the Media

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Other Media Pages


Other Groups & Associations for CFS, FM, Overlapping

Other Groups/SubGroups Run By Elly Brosius and Toni Marshall with pages on this Site
Elly's Gratitude Group for People with CFS, FM, OI
Former subgroups run by Elly Brosius and Toni Marshall with pages on this Site
NoVA MVP Syndrome / Dysautonomia & OI Support Group
Maryland Bay Area OI/CFS/FMS Support

Practitioners: Doctors/Lawyers/Many Others

Brain, Heart, Immune & Other Organs, Systems
Rehabilitation & Pain Management
Mind Health
Reiki, Energy Work, Homeopathy
More Health Practitioners & Services

Q&A, Our Way; Other Topic Pages

Q&A, Our Way Index
Breathing - not as easy as before CFS/FMS/OI; paradoxical reactions
For Spouses of People with
Reading / Vision / Comprehension Problems
Early Floaters / Cataracts
Can Chills be Related to Dehydration
Giving up listening to Music
OI (Orthostatic Intolerance and CFS, FM); Formerly a trifold CFS & NMH pamphlet by Brosius
Questions about What it Feels Like to have OI
Describing Symptoms is more powerful and helpful than Naming Symptoms
Anesthesia & Procedure Preparation; Medical IDs
Getting Help Around the House: Personal Assistants, Cleaning Services, Organizers,...
Anxiety Relief Strategies for Social Security Disability (SSDI) by Marshall
Support Hose: Why & Buy Info, Tax Deduction, ICD-9 Codes
Aprons, Bibs & Clumsiness
Coat Hanger Pain
What is a POTS Luck party?
Do others with ME/CFS, FMS, and/or OI feel detached at the holidays? Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Orthostatic Intolerance and Treatment, 2014 (PDF) - Johns Hopkins, Chronic Fatigue Clinic

Resources, References, & Links

(Note: Several categories have sub categories not listed here.)

Resources Main Page



Upcoming Speakers

All Previous Speakers - Names, Contact Information, Topics, and Links to more information

Speaker Handouts, Meeting/Email Pages about Speakers:

Binning, Therapeutic Methods for Fibromyalgia & CFS
Blackman, Applying Integrative Medicine to Fibromyalgia/CFS
Cheney, CFS: Is Oxygen the Problem and Why?
De Meirleir Acclydine Protocol for CFS (PDF)
Friedberg - A Lifestyle Balance Program for Less Pain and More Energy
Fuller - PDF: Long Term Disability (LTD) Claims:
      An Overview of Claims Process & Practical Considerations both general and for CFS and FM

Gilbert - Chinese Herbal Medicine, The Gilbert Clinic (TGC) for CFS/FM/M.E.
Jawer - A Neurobiology of Sensitivity?
Lambros - Myths about Social Security Disability Claims
Lambros - Social Security Disability Programs w/ Special Issues for CFS, FMS
Libiot - Choose the Life You Want to Live
Lukara - Riding Grace Teleconference
Makoul - Nutrition, Tissue Mineral Analysis
Offutt - Nutrition
Pocinki - Internal Medicine; CFS, Dysautonomia, Joint Hypermobility
Rowe - Pediatrics; Orthostatic Intolerance & CFS
Trocki & Zipper -  Nutrition Testing & Supplements
Walitt - FM Evaluation & Research Center
              Informed Consent for 2009 FM Research (PDF), Flyer 1, Flyer 2, Letter to Group
Weston A Price Foundation: Fallon - Nutrition, Author &  Morell - Naturopath

Webrings and Friends

Partners in Support of People with ME/CFS & FM/FMS
CFS/FM and similar Web Friends
More Web Friends

What are CFS/CFIDS, M.E., & FM/FMS?

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