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Speaker: Christel Libiot
Date: December 17, 2005

The workshop:

Choose the Life YOU Want to Live!   

I am envisioning a very interactive experience. I believe we all have a lot to teach each other and I trust that it will be a dynamic workshop. I want to share what I am passionate about and what I have learned and I want to learn from each participant as well. I will bring some tools that I believe can be helpful in looking at our life from a different perspective.

The workshop will be interactive, experiential and will support you and making a step towards something you want to accomplish in your life, whether it is to rest more, to work more, to eat better, to just be, or go towards the dream you have always wanted to live but were always afraid to.

New Year’s resolutions are around the corner. Get a head start and take a breath of fresh air outside of holiday busyness.

Here is a little bit about myself:

Christel Libiot is a professional life coach who’s mission in life is to empower people and support them on their journey to wholeness She believes that with a little encouragement each person can awaken his/her passion and connect with what he/she holds most dear in his/her life. Christel’s style of coaching brings a safe and non judgmental space in your life where you can explore many options and stick with the one that fits. You are always in charge.

My clients are: People facing cancer, living with a chronic illness, wanting to loose weight or wanting to reclaim the quality of their lives 

Because she is a breast cancer survivor and lives with chronic Lyme disease and chronic fatigue, she understands fully the meaning of daily health challenges.  

Christel Libiot has trained with the internationally renowned Coaches Training Institute and with Linda Rose’s Intuitive Coaching program. Christel has led and co-led workshops for several hospitals in the Washington, DC area. She is a co-leader for the Woman Within Training Weekend. She sits on the council of the Civista Women's Health Center in Charles County , MD and is involved with several organizations that support cancer survivors on their journey to recovery. Prior to coaching, Christel was a video and television producer and has won a Capitol Region Emmy Award in 1998.  She is also one of the recipients of the 2004 Woman Within International Rose Award. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Christel Libiot
Life Coach
Supporting women facing cancer and/or a chronic illness.
Supporting all women wanting to live a full and meaningful life.
Let your Spirit Soar! 
Call or email to schedule a free sample session

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Updated June 4, 2006