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Cover of Riding Grace, A Triumph of the Soul. By Alissa LukaraJUNE 14, 2007

Stories of Healing CFS
Meeting Life’s Challenges

Readings from Riding Grace  
A Teleconference for Triumphs of the Soul

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Alissa Lukara
• President and creator of, a non-profit resource center offering inspiration,
support and hope for facing life's crises, unexpected events, obstacles and turning points.

• Author of Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul, the story of Alissa's finding healing,
wholeness and grace on her journey through 12 years of CFS and childhood incest.
• Alissa completely recovered 9 years ago—on June 14, her anniversary of healing.

Elly Brosius
• Creator of Elly's Gratitude Group for those experiencing CFS, FM & OI, a mind-body-spirit
support group exploring the role of soul in illness, using gratitude to accelerate healing.
• Webmistress for; co-moderator of Yahoo Group CFSupport.
• 14 year facilitator of the The Northern VA CFS/M.E. & FMS Support Group
• A woman currently in the whirlwinds of her own soul healing of CFS.

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