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July 15, 2000
 Support Group Meeting Speaker - Jacqueline Offutt

Ten Commandments for a Long and Healthy Life

Meeting Notes by Member Cheri B.
Recommended Supplements

Ten Commandments for a Long and Healthy Life

By Jacqueline Offutt

Hydrate!  It is the single most critical element for a healthy cell.  Drink 1 oz. of water for every two pounds of body weight daily. (Divide your weight in half for the number of oz to drink)

Cleanse!  Internally as you would externally.  Each organ is refreshed after
cleansing at least once a year:  Liver, Kidney, Pancreas & Spleen, Intestines.

Replenish flora!  The digestive track needs a full spectrum of flora.  Polydophilus only supplies 7 beneficial bacteria.  The body needs 11 strains of beneficial bacteria.

Eat live food!  (not cooked)  If that isn't possible, provide it with the
best enzymes you can afford whenever you eat processed foods. 

Supplement !  with Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals that are formulated for maximum absorption by the cells. Thou Shalt not waste!

Alkalinize!  Keep the body Ph  (stands for potential hydrogen) at 7.0 or above.  Viruses and bacteria cannot flourish in an alkaline environment.  The macrobiotic diet can get you there in about 6 months.  You can also supplement with hydrogen and get there in 3 weeks. Remember, animal products are acid.  Fruits and vegetables are alkaline.

Keep a clean mouth!  It is now proven that the bacteria that lives in the mouth has been attributed to plaque formation in the arteries.

Relax!  Do some sort of deep relaxation at least twice a day to release stress.

Stay active!   Both physically and mentally.

PRAY!        LOVE!         BE THANKFUL!


Meeting notes of member Cheri B.

Jacqueline Offutt is a self-taught nutritionist with over 2000 hours of knowledge from seminars and reading. Her mission statement for her business is to support people in their health goals through natural means. She works with athletes, race horses, sick and well people. She uses ten commandments for a long and healthy life. The list was e-mailed recently, as was a list of products she uses in her work.

1. Hydrate! Drink 1 oz. of water for every 2 pounds of body weight. Water has a lipid coating of 72 dynes which has to be broken down in order to be observed by the body. (A blood cell has 46 dynes.) Better quality (filtered) water is easier to absorb. Also, it’s important to keep water in glass containers. In plastic containers zynoestrogens which are toxic to the body are released. Although distilled water is easier to absorb, it is ‘dead’ and shouldn’t be used for extended time. The product “Crystal Energy” changes the water’s dynes from 72 to 46 and reactivates (restructures) distilled water.

2. Cleanse! Jacqueline talked about different ways to cleanse internal organs which she has gleaned from various readings. She didn’t have information about how well they worked. From James Gordon’s Mindbody Center book, to cleanse liver, eat only watermelon for two days. For spleen, use the juice of a lime with 1Tbl olive oil and a sprinkle of cayenne, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Also, for garlic lovers, if you remove the green finger from the center of the bulb, you will avoid the burping and bad breath. A number of diagnostic tests are available to see how well your body is functioning: A stool analysis from Great Smoky Labs can tell you how well you are absorbing food, and do a parasite check. Trace Elements does a mineral and vitamin hair screening. Several companies do hormonal function screening but ask for all the items to be broken down in the report. Diagnostics does a salvia test for your adrenal function and cortisol levels throughout the day. Jacqueline particularly liked the Live Blood Cell and the Bioterrain Analysis. In the Live Blood Cell test, the cells are viewed under a microscope and tons of information is provided about undigested fats, yeast growth, aura, iron level, and more. (She can give us practitioner’s names.) The Bioterrain Analysis provides a 5 page report on organ function. The nearest she recommends is Dr. Richard Disemso in Virginia Beach. One person at the meeting had it performed by Natural (or Whole) Integrated Health on Wisconsin. The prices were in the $100 to $300 range and some, but not most, were covered by insurance. It’s best to work with a doctor to understand the test results.

3. Replenish flora! The products need to release at the right place in your digestive system to survive. She likes the Royal 1 Digestive Formula. These are by Doug Grant and she likes his products based on recent enzyme studies. In answer to a question, she said Menogenics is okay -- it’s less expensive and reputable.

4. Eat live food! Food has bacteria and enzymes on it that is important to our digestion. Eating raw foods retains the vitamins and these bacteria. In a Vitamixer or blender you can make soups without cooking. (She has recipes, but I don’t remember from where.) Also, radiating of food kills the enzymes. Don’t combine different kinds of fruit, for example berries with citrus fruits. One causes the other to ferment, and not get absorbed as well.

5. Supplement! Buy items that are as bioavailable as you can afford. She mentioned that multilevel marketing schemes are a cheaper way to market, so the products usually have a higher nutrient content than other products. In answer to a question, Geravita is good but tends to be expensive. 6. Alkalinize! The microhydrogen from Royal Body Care is carried by the Apothecary in Bethesda and causes an alkaline shift and hydrates the body. (It’s on the list of products she distributed.)

7. Keep a clean mouth! Studies have shown that the same bacteria found in plaque in the mouth, are in the plaque in arteries which causes heart attacks.

8. Relax! She described a way to synchronize the heart and head rhythms to relax in around 60 seconds. Put your hand over your heart and visualize a picture of when you felt very loved. Then focus as though your heart is doing the breathing. This puts the electrical currents of the heart and head (which are measurable by machine in hospitals) in sync. Jacqueline also recommends doing what you can and not stressing about what you can’t. No one can do everything they should, and trying to will cause great stress!

9. Stay Active! Brain-damaged children has been improving using the following technique. (Caution: Be sure to have someone with you, or that you won’t get hurt if you start to lose consciousness.) Hold your breath while sucking up your stomach. Meanwhile, put your fingers at the base of the back of your head to reduce the blood flow. This combination triggers the autonomic system to open the vessels in the back of the head and increase blood flow and will give you clearer thinking for the next 30 minutes.


Supplements Recommended by J. Offutt at July 15, 2000 Meeting

Nutraceuticals by Royal Body Care, Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements


    Microhydrin improves the chemical condition of your body fluids, brings your tissue back into a natural balance by the use of negatively charged hydrogen ions.  Microhydrin enhances the body's absorption of nutrients and facilitates the flow of oxygen into cells.

    A powerful antioxident, Microhydrin is a compound of silica and hydrogen atoms modified to contain a loosely-bound extra electron, easily released to neutralize free radicals.  Because hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe, thousands of these neutralizing electrons can be provided in one capsule.  

    Foods high in fat and sugar, combined with an increasingly toxic environment, can encourage an unhealthy bilogical terrain.  This promotes oxidation, tissue damage, aging, and the growth of harmful organisms. 

Crystal Energy

    The symptoms of aging are in one way or another accompanied by a slow dehydration of our vital tissues associated with free-radical damage.  By consuming Crystal Energy, you not only rehydrate your bodily tissues, but you also reduce surface tension of the liquids you are drinking, making them more like your body's own cellular fluid.  The Flanagan Microclusters in Crystal Energy enhance the body's ability to absorbe nutrients.

First Food colostrum with Flanagan Microclusters. 

    Recent research has supported the health benefits of colostrum in the following areas: 
    Provides passive absorbable antibodies & imunoglobulins.
    Supports the imune system.
    Contains lactoferrin, found to support red blood cell integrity and iron   
    binding capacity.
    Has growth-enhancing factors, studied for their effects on muscle repair and muscle growth.

Phycotene Microclusters

     A powerful antioxidant, is a special extract of 17 caretenoids and micronutrients derived from Spirulina and Dunaliella algea.  Published scientific studies performed at Harvard University proved phycotene provides more potent imune support than beta-carotene alone.  Help maintain optimal health with this unique blend of carotenes, natural vitimin E and selenium. Combined with Flanagan Microclusters, the superior nutrients of Phycotene are
efficiently delivered to your cells for peak performance.  Phycotene Microclusters:
    Provide immune support
    Contribute to healthy cell and tissue development

MSM with Microhydrin

    Methyl sulfonyl methane is one of the most important materials for building healthy cells.  It helps build muscle and connective tissue. MSM provides cells with the permeability to allow fluids to pass through tissue more easily.  Athletes may experience benefits, especially after
strenuous workout.  It can also mean great benefits for the elderly.  It is combined with Vitamin C for the positive synergistic effects of these two nutrients.  Microhydrin is addedto give you the most efficient cellular delivery system for maximum bioavailibility of your MSM product.


     Eye-Q, vegetable source DHA, is a fatty acid ñ an omega3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid ñ essential to the proper functioning of the brain and the retiina if the eye.  DHA ensures the optimal composition of nerve cell membranes necessary for the effective transmission of signals in these two important organs. 
    Low levels of DHA have been correlated with changes in disposition, memory loss, and visual and other neurological functions.  Eye-Q is a safe, effective way for people of all ages to replenish DHA in the blood.

EXTA-Cee with Flanagan Microclusters

    Research shows that vitamin C stimulates the production of lymphocytes, components of the immume system, which strengthen the body's resistance to viruses and bacteria.  It is also and antioxidant.  By helping to prevent tissue damage, the vitamin plays a crucial role in optimum health.

    Exta-Cee with Flanagan Microclusters is a unique combination of Ester-C, Spirulina, bioflavinoids, and Microclusters resulting in highly bioavailable nutrition.  Studies have shown Ester-C to be the most effectively absorbed form of vitamin C available.  Flanagan Microclusters further enhance your utilization of vitamin C and the nutrients in Spirulina.

    Spirulina is a vegetarian source of protein and contains enzymes which assist in the digestion process.  Spirulina is an excellent source of beta-carotene, vitamins, highly bioavailable iron as well as 14 naturally chelated minerals and trace minerals. Green foods are abundant in chlorophyll, the oxygen carrier of the plant kingdom, much like hemoglobin is the oxygen carrier of our blood stream. Chlorophyll brings oxygen to our cells while cleansing the system of heavy metals and toxins.  Spirulina has a high chlorophyll content and cotains other pigments currently being studied for their protective role in the body.


    Aloe has been shown to support immune cells, aiding the body against viruses, and to norm- alize the growth of intestinal bacteria, soothing the stoach and intestinal membranes. The skin is removed, milled to aliquid state and the gel then processed with proprietary cold temperature methods which block the enzymatic breakdown of aloe without the use of sulfites.   RBC's powder concentrate is packaged in a convenient capsule form.

Colo-Vada Colon Cleanse

     A growing number of authorities are targeting poor bowel function and colon blockage as key factors in ill health.  With three phases, this popular 14 day program has been designed to simplify cleansing and activate elimination.  Complete with daily vitamins, minerals, herbs, acidophilus and digestive enzymes, this product will help you to detoxify, cleanse and
restore healthy digestive functioning, while providing essential nutrients.


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