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Thankfully, many dedicated persons with and organizations for CFS, FMS, & related disorders have web resources available on a variety of subjects. We've grouped similar items, references, and links to facilitate research and referencing. There are several pages, but a complete index on each page. Use 'Search' page to find more in our newsletters, media pages and other sections.


Relating to CFS, FM

Recovery Stories

  • Take Heart Recovery Happens William Collinge MPH, PhD
  • The Recovery Phase in CFS William Collinge MPH, PhD

  • Karen Cripps
    ‘I started to understand that CFS was a rather loud message from my body that my previous lifestyle was not serving me, and that I had to make some fundamental changes to the way I lived my life.’ and
    ‘I learned about nutrition and I followed an extensive supplement program. But more significantly, I began to address the psychological component of a physical illness, and the spiritual/emotional side of recovery.’ and
    ‘It has been an incredible journey and I have changed nearly every aspect of my life. I believe that it is because I have been prepared to do whatever it takes (including facing up to my own role in all of this, which can be really tough), that I have made such big health improvements.’
    Karen Cripps writes about her holistic recovery on The Reinvention Tour website.
    Source: The Secret To Healing From CFS
    Owning Pink by Lissa Rankin - 3/21/12

  • Margo Nagy
    ‘After 26 years of struggling with CFS, almost dying, and trying everything possible to recover... 3 years ago I discovered the key to healing CFS, depression and other illnesses thanks to a Master Herbalist. The underlying cause is a condition called "Chronic Reversed Polarity" which can be normalized. I recently published a book about this with other tools to heal.’
    Radiant Health & Happiness Is Possible -
    How I Healed From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

    Author’s website
    Margo Nagy

  • Zoe Cormier
    ‘It was very much like being a dead person … I could only lie there.’
    The victim of an exhausting, little-understood malady, this young woman spent six long years confined to a darkened room. Zoe Cormier describes how a new – and surprisingly simple – therapy brought her back to the light [Lightning Process]
    'Talk Therapy' Takes on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Coming Soon to Canada
    The Globe and the Mail

  • Alissa Lukara - "In the wee hours of a June night in 1998, Alissa Lukara decided to write the story of her struggles with childhood sexual abuse and illness. She recorded the moment in her journal, adding that "the pain of not writing has grown bigger than the pain of writing it." Twelve hours later, she says, in a healing workshop in Ashland, she had a complete remission of the chronic fatigue syndrome that had plagued her for 12 years." Mail Tribune - Feb 2, 2007

    Riding Grace chronicles Alissa Lukara’s no-holds-barred 12- twelve year quest to find redemption from a debilitating, presumably incurable illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, rooted in the trauma of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse. In her raw descent into the dark night of the soul, she renders the unspeakable in a bold, lyrical voice. She learns to accept the unacceptable and open to miracles, healing and grace.
    Book at Amazon: Riding Grace, A Triumph of the Soul
  • Jennifer Johnson - In a 10NBC of Rochester, NY, news piece where Jennifer came Washington, D.C., attended a CFS press event, conducted interviews and produced a news segment that aired November 8, 2006, anchor Jennifer also shared her own story. She had CFS during high school and was profiled in a Boston Globe article in 1994, telling how her life as an honor student and varsity athlete was dramatically changed by the illness. Although she has recovered now [without knowing how or why], she still celebrated the press event as a long overdue turning point in recognition for CFS. Jennifer's report includes interviews with CFS expert Dr. David Bell and other  CFS patients. View the video and the transcript at

  • Adrianne Ryan
    "Several years after contracting the disease, her health has finally returned."
    [No details given.]
    AP: CDC regonizes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 11/3/2006
  • Rich Carlson's Quite Detailed Road to Recovery
    ProHealth CFS & FM Treatment & Research News, CFS Edition, October 4, 2006

  • Deborah Stokes
    "I had just assumed that I would never be able to do the things I used to do physically again. I had heard about a [practitioner] and after two months on them [customized chinese herbs], I have been entirely symptom free! I am now able to run for the first time in 5 years without collapsing afterwards! I am very grateful for the health and peace that alternative medicine has provided me."
    Campaign for Better Health

    "I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I was pretty crippled from it," said Deborah Stokes, of Alexandria, who previously had practiced limited alternative medicine on her own. "I was exhausted and I had tried every drug, every type of treatment and nothing had given me my old energy back. But for six months I've been symptom free - I even sent [Gilbert] a Christmas card thanking him for the best gift I've ever had."
    Fairfax Journal

  • Deb Sapiurka
    [If asked] “How do you know you’re cured?” I would respond that since there is no
    medical proof that someone has CFS, there can be no medical proof that one doesn’t. I only know this: I was very sick for a very long time. I no longer feel sick, and I no longer consider myself to be suffering from a debilitating disease.
    Perspective on Integrative TREATment Online Bonus: Q&A, The CFIDS Chronicle
  • Lyn White
    "What Reverse Therapy believes is that your body is sending you messages all the time. If you ignore these sensations then your hypothalamus picks up on this," says Lyn. "If you are feeling fear it wants you to find a way to be safe; if you are angry, it wants you to defend yourself. If you ignore them it is like a pressure cooker and all the emotions boil up." At this stage, according to the theory, the pituitary gland goes into overdrive flooding the body with adrenalin. "When the feedback mechanism breaks down, hormonal and nervous messages get short-circuited and people can get stuck in that state." ...   As part of the therapy she used message cards to prompt her to remember to heed her bodymind' rather than her headmind'. To the amazement of her family and friends Lyn is now fully restored to health. If anything, Lyn now feels even better than she did before her illness.

    'I used reverse gear to beat ME'  The Northern Echo, UK - Jan 27, 2007
  • Cheryl A. Chamberlain
    A personal journey of one woman's battle with the physical and emotional torment of FM, a journey that begins with a traumatic accident leading to a life-threatening blood disorder followed by a 15-year nightmare of adverse drug reactions and the symptoms of FM. FibroMYalgia Story specifically deals with the personal relationships and interactive issues while desperately trying to live with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. The author feels there is no textbook protocol to finding a 'cure' for FM because the disorder is life-circumstantial and individually based. The author uses FibroMYalgia Story as an example by creating her own time-line of circumstantial events leading to the onset of the symptoms and the journey lead by her own spiritual guide resulting in her reported full recovery. She hopes the book will be an instrument in 'challenging' others to overcome this ‘real’ yet still controversial disorder.
    Book at Amazon: FibroMYalgia Story: A Spiritual Journey to Healing

  • Mark Llewellyn Hall
    One man's experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a combination of literature, poetry, politics, philosophy, and more.  In his senior year of college, Mark was suddenly struck down by CFS.  The book details his six-year struggle with illness in a striking coming-of-age story.  However, CFS is more of a backdrop for his story than the focus of the book.  Hall writes about love and loss, struggle and survival, and ultimately the maturity and wisdom he acquires as he regains his health.
    Book Review: Dazed and Fatigued in the Toxic 21st Century

  • Thomas Day Oates Jr.
    Chat Transcript: Healing CFIDS -

  • Bruce Campbell, PhD
    Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome -- One Person's Story

  • D. Patrick Miller
    A Healing Journey Through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    "Uncanny coincidences began to occur as I learned to trust both my intuition and the logic of the illness itself." "As my desperate hold on something inside myself relaxed, I recognized for the first time exactly what anxiety was by its absence." "CFS taught me that I needed to develop multiple points of view on life." "I became ill in part because my mind and body needed to regain the spiritual energy I had known as a child."  "My recovery did not begin until I surrendered my pride, defensiveness, and self-image."

    "What I was not aware of was what I now recognize as “deep stress”: the fundamental and substantial tension of maintaining and defending the personality I had built for myself by my early thirties. This personality carried a great deal of unexplored, unexpressed resentment and sadness that had been invisibly sapping my vitality for years. Those suppressed emotions showed through in my personality chiefly as a sarcastic fatalism about life. Inwardly, I was often beset by circular and repetitive worries, although my calm demeanor mostly concealed this stress from other people."

  • Paul B.
    CFS_CFIDS_ME Yahoo Group
    - promotes friendly discussion about places, physical locations where people feel more or less recovered from CFS/ME/CFIDS.

  • Allyson McQuinn
    The Homeopathic Treatment of Fibromyalgia
    I'm not sure it is enough to say that I have witnessed many recoveries of Fibromyalgia patients over the past four years that I have worked at two Heilkunst Clinics. I have heard many testimonials from patients who no longer experience chronic pain who also found personal freedom on their own path to healing. I recall one woman who left her chronic pain behind over six months of treatment. She had recently left her husband and was providing support to other FM sufferers and telling her own story just as I was. Mostly, I'll never forget how her dull lifeless eyes became full of animation over the course of those months.

  • DeAnn Upton
    How Reiki Saved My Life

  • Our Daughter
    One Woman’s ‘Amazing Recovery’ on the Marshall Protocol

  • Howard Savage
    Reflections of an Ex-Chronic Fatigue (C.F.S./M.E.) Sufferer

  • Ken Nightingale©
    My story of recovery from ME/CFS and how I intend on staying healthy.

  • Alex Barton and 50 more
    As Alex Barton lovingly proves in this excellent book, people with CFS/ ME/ FM CAN CLEARLY RECOVER and do best when both the physical and psycho-spiritual issues are treated simultaneously. In this excellent book, 50 CFS patients offer hope and insights from their own personal journeys, so that people can begin on their own road to recovery. Alex Barton has taken on the important task of showing you how you can recover by treating both the physical and psycho-spiritual components of these illnesses, while offering you resources for you to explore. As you read this book, make notes of those things that FEEL best to you, and begin with those. Prepare to be empowered! --Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, Medical Director Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers, Inc. USA
    Recovery From CFS - 50 Personal Stories (An E-book) and now in Print Form (2008)

  • Lorna Searle
    ... One former sufferer is a Monument [IL] woman named Lorna Searle.  Her neck was injured in a wreck involving a semi back in 1985, yet long after she should have fully recovered, she still experienced debilitating pain and extreme fatigue.  The diagnosis:  fibromyalgia.  ... The pain confined her to a wheelchair.  ...  Lorna's fatigue left her essentially bed-ridden.  She rarely left the house.  Yet for all her tiredness, she had an incredibly difficult time sleeping.  Lorna's fibromyalgia was accompanied by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. ...  Remarkably, Lorna's fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue have been essentially cured by a medicine readily available over-the-counter.  [Paul St. Amand, MD's treatment of guaifenesin (gwye-FEN-eh-sin), the expectorant found in over-the-counter decongestants such as Robitussin, Humibid, and Mucinex.]
    Possible OTC Treatment for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue KRDO, CO - March 12, 2007
  • Lisa Eva Gold
    A personal story of an extended case of mono in 2006. Self-care, family life changes, attitude shifts, more satisfying work lead to recovery.  Frank, encouraging, hopeful. Stresses the importance of the wake up call of chronic symptoms. Self-published with grammar, spelling, and typographical errors but the story and caring plea of author comes through. From her paperback book of May 2008: "Chronic fatigue is a crippling, undeniable, dis-ease. There is no cure for this dis-ease. Or is there? Could it be that we have the power within to overcome chronic fatigue. Through the authors journey from illness to recovery, may you be inspired to overcome your dis-ease."
    A Will to Survive: A Woman's Journey Through Chronic Fatigue

  • Patricia Jane Taylor
    Patricia found a cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome using a holistic Japanese healing art, as well as several metaphysical methods, such as positive affirmations, prayer and spiritual counseling. Patricia did not accept the "there is no cure" prognosis from her doctor. There was a total lack of help from doctors in western medicine. She suffered a long time and searched everywhere until she finally found a solution in the holistic and metaphysical community. After suffering with CFS for eleven years Patricia is now well. This is the story of her struggles with the many symptoms of CFS such as memory loss, cognitive problems, mood swings, panic attacks, food allergies, extreme fatigue, loss of libido, crippling depression, fibromyalgia and her resulting financial ruin
    Author of 2002 e-book, paperback, "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, There is a Cure"


NOVA CFS/ME, FMS & OI Support Group members are not medical, counseling, or legal professionals. Please seek qualified practitioners for diagnosis, treatment and legal advice.

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