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Q&A: Do others with ME/CFS, FMS, and/or OI
feel detached at the holidays?


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On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day can be a bit more difficult to live through some years compared to healthier years or times of more balance and function. For those doing okay, Happy Thanksgiving and may the day's name and purpose bring you more awareness of the abundance found close and far, without and within.

If, however, you are feeling

- extra alone or lonely,

- distant physically, emotionally, or intellectually
        friends, family, practitioners,

- extra frustrated that people don't see
        or get
        or know how to be around your

- angry others don't see the cost
        of our huge-almost-Herculean-but-they-look-small
        to do normal things or the bare necessities even,

- annoyed you don't know how to be content
        with yourself
        or your situation
        even as you work to change it,
        because you know being annoyed is costing energy
        you can't spare anymore,

- weary from wondering where one's self-esteem went and
        what it was attached to,

- mentally muted from the mind trying to figure out what to eat
        that doesn't trigger this bowel problem, that cognitive confusion,
        or the other I-don't-know-how-it-happened relapse,
It is possible to be grateful and ungrateful graphic
- grateful and ungrateful, too,

we get it.

We have been there.
Others have been there.
You are not alone in these experiences.
There is much to be mined from them, eventually.

For now, we send a hug. We're thinking about you and sending you notions of hope that things can and do change and/or there are ways for coping, living, finding more smiles, discovering more techniques, treatments and trials of stuff that helps and makes the difficult seem more worth it.

Elly Brosius, MS
Thanksgiving 2015

PDF Version of On Thanksgiving

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Updated December 19, 2015