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Photo Gallery

Photos of Group Leaders Elly Brosius, Toni Marshall, & Barbara Bell

Toni Marshall and Elly Brosius

Toni Marshall (left) using iPad assistant.
Elly Brosius (right) with EGGdish mascot Louiee.
Jan 2012

Bell photo
Barbara Bell

  Photo of Toni Marshall, Jul 2007             Toni and Tazz, 10/31/06

Toni Marshall                           with Tazz Brosius  
     July 2007                                        Halloween 2003

E Brosius Reclining with Laptop, 2007

End of 2007. At home, feet up, untethered, high speed and healing.

 Photo of Elly Brosius, Feb 05     Photo of Elly Brosius Mar 06
Feb 2005 in NC                  Great Falls, VA; March 2006

Photos of our regular 2009 meeting place, The Sully Governmental Center

Sully Gov't'l Center Bldg, Chantilly VA       
From Visitor Parking Lot side: 4900 Stonecroft Blvd, Chantilly VA

Sully Room 1 Sign   James McDonnell Room Sign
The Room Signs

 Mason Center Chair

              Sample Chair (but our room is carpeted and has teal chairs, see next photo)            

Sully Center JD Room Interior

Inside Room 1, the James McDonnell Room at Sully Gov't'l Center in Chantilly, VA.

Photos from Speaker Events

 Brian Walitt, MD, and Elly Brosius
 Elly Brosius and Brian Walitt, MD
January 15, 2011
Brosius and GilbertBrosius and Gilbert
Mike Jawer and Elly Brosius
Sully Governmental Center
November 21, 2009
About Mike Jawer
Elly Brosius and Jonathan Gilbert
Inova Loudoun Hospital
September 5, 2009
Audio Recording
Drs. Sharp and  CheneyElly Brosius and Brian Wallit
Drs. Sharp and Cheney
Fairfax Governmental Center
April 25, 2009
About Dr. Cheney, DVD
Elly Brosius and Paul Cheney, MD, PhD
Fairfax Governmental Center
April 25, 2009
About Dr. Cheney, DVD
Toni Marshall and Peter RoweElly Brosius and Brian Wallit
Peter Rowe, MD, and Toni Marshall
Sully Governmental Center
March 21, 2009
About Dr. Rowe
Elly Brosius and Brian Walitt, MD
Inova Loudoun Hospital
April 4, 2009
About Dr. Wallit
Drs. Reddy Elly Brosius and Jonathan Gilbert
Dr J. Reddy & Dr. Kumuda Reddy
Mason Governmental Center
June 18, 2005
Elly Brosius & James Binning, DC
Mason Governmental Center
February 16, 2008
Dr. DeMeirleir Dr Chesney
Dr. Kenny De Meirleir
Alexandria Hospital
November 1, 2003
Dr. Margaret Chesney
Fairfax Hospital
November 15, 2003

NoVA Group visits Faces of CFS Photo Exhibit, Union Station
Washington DC, May 31, 2007

            Union Station Ceiling         Union Station American Cafe
   Beautiful Ceilings                         We had lunch at American Cafe

 Union Station Faces of CFS 
One side of the Faces of CFS Exhibit

            Union Station, Making History      Thank You for Not Reclining  

The Exhibit was in West Hall near shops           and inbetween platfrom benches        
including this one whose title is the                            which said this!!                  
next CAA theme for 20 years of CFS History!!                                                             

kNOw MORE CFS Seminar, Co Hosted with The CFIDS Association of America
Saturday, June 25, 2005
Reston, VA

Photo Bateman & Stevens         Photo Andy & Elly
 Speakers Lucinda Bateman, MD                 Volunteer Andy F              
& Staci Stevens, MA                                           & Elly Brosius

Photo Bobby and Elly         Photo of sign  
            Volunteer Bobby Pevarnik with Elly           The Conference Center Sign                      

Photo of handout table

The NoVA CFS/FMS Support Group Handout Table

For more photos of this event, see the Summer 2005 issue of The CFIDS Chronicle.

More Photos...

A few Advocacy Events

Elly Brosius &
Lynne Matallana,
President of NFA
3rd Leaders Against Pain Seminar
August 22, 2007

National Press Club, Washington, DC
Elly Brosius and NFA's Lynne Matallana
Elly & Marly
Elly Brosius &
Marly Silverman, Founder of P.A.N.D.O.R.A     
DHHS, CFS Advisory Committee Meeting, September 12, 2005  
Washington, DC                                                        
CVS Awareness Day photo Elly Brosius
FM Awareness Day Event by NFA
CVS in Chantilly, VA
May 12, 2006

More Photos...

More Photos...

The Northern VA CFS/FMS Support Group & CFSupport are informal support groups and website led by volunteers. Group leaders Elly and Toni have the experience of chronic illness and are not medical, counseling, or legal professionals. Please seek out qualified physicians and other Practitioners for
diagnosis,  treatment, and legal advice. Thank you.

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Updated February 22, 2012