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Table of Contents Directory

Archives Group's News General News
Dec 2021 Coming Soon:

Dec Conference Call

Group Changed
Email Services in 2020
New Contact Info

Coming Soon:

Long Hauler Cytokine 14
test and treatment

Elegant Bibs
From grrrAttitude to Grateful
Media Highlights
Helpful products

Dec 2015 2016 Meeting Dates & Location
Conference Call Time Change
2015 POTS Luck Covered Dish
Contact Info

Bateman Horne Clinic
Elegant Bibs
grrrAttitude Check
Media Highlights
Laptop Desk for Reclining

Jun 2014 CFSNova Meeting Dates & Location
Several Speakers announced
Member wins Poetry Contest
Contact Info

ME/CFS Assistant
Why Does Mommy Hurt?
Parents with Pain Community
Never Been Gone Poetry
Member does Kickstarter

Dec 2012

December Event: POTS Luck
2013 Meetings in Same Place
Previous Meeting Notes
Growth Via Gratitude
Our Web Updates

Research Participation:
Self Compassionate Writing
Media Highlights
Books We're Talking About
Healthy Home Products

Jan 2011 CFSNova Meeting Dates & Location
CFS Nova Joins Facebook
Contact Info
See Summary Sheet for more

EGG & Nervy Conference Call Info
"Life as a BeachBall -
How do you Roll/Role Play"
by Elly Brosius

May 2010

A 2 page Printer Friendly PDF.
About us, About the Conditions. 
Where and When are Meetings
2010 Schedule

Elly's Gratitude Group &
The Call For Calming Creativity.
Other groups for FM, CFS, OI
Feb 2010 Meeting Dates & Locations
Previous Meeting Notes
EGG Call Schedule
Global News:
Creative for A Second or Two
Encouraging Email Lists
Media Highlights
New Books
Nov 2009

November Speaker: Mike Jawer
Meeting Dates & Locations
Previous Meeting Notes
EGG Call Schedule

Global News:
ME/CFS Pocket Money Fund
Oct CFSAC Meeting Links
Media Highlights
New Books
Holiday Shopping (For & Gifts)
Apr 2009 A 6 page Meeting Handout (PDF)
About us
Welcome Dr. Cheney!
2009 Schedule, etc.
Teleconferences Info
Georgetown CFS Study
DC area groups for FM, CFS
CDC, CFSAC Meetings
Feb 2009

A 4 page Snail Mailing (PDF)
About us, CFSupport turns 10
Where and When are Meetings
2009 Schedule
Special Events in Spring

Teleconferences for OI Group and
Elly's Gratitude Group
"Life as a Beach Ball"
DC area groups for FM, CFS
Dr. Rowe and Dr. Cheney to Speak
Jan 2009 A 2 page Meeting Handout (PDF)
About us
CFS Expert Speakers
New Meeting Location
2009 Schedule, etc.
About CFS, FM, Dysautonomia
National and Local Contacts
 for sister groups
Aug 2008

A 2 page Meeting Handout (PDF)
About us
Where and When are Meetings
Remaining, updated 2008 Schedule
Special Event Oct 26

MVPS/D & OI Group now by Teleconference
About CFS, FM, Dysautonomia
National Organizations for FM, CFS

Quotes about Support Groups
Elly's Gratitude Group
Jan 2008A 2 page Meeting Handout (PDF)
About us
Next Speaker: Binning
Where and When are Meetings
2008 Schedule, etc.
About CFS, FM, Dysautonomia
National and Local Contacts

Next Gratitude Group Call

NOVA  Outreach
Dec 2007

A 2 page Meeting Handout (PDF)
About us
Where and When are Meetings
2008 Schedule, etc.

About CFS, FM, Dysautonomia
National Organizations for FM, CFS

FM Documentary:"Living with FM"
Next Elly's Gratitude Group Call
May 2007Future Nova Speakers/Meetings
Links to Meeting Reports:
Pocinki, Friedberg, Gilbert & Bains, Fuller, Blackman

Web Updates
The EGG Dish
 CFS & FM Awareness Day Events
Media Highlights
New Books: Riding Grace, FM and Sex, FM Complete Guide, More
New CFS/FMS Support Group in Loudoun County, VA
Friends and Family Resources
Good Food & Water, Delivered
Elly's Review of "Living with FM"
Apr 2007
A 2 page Meeting Handout (PDF)
About us, CFS, FM, Dysautonomia
Where and When are Meetings
Updated 2007 Schedule, etc.
June - Friends and Family Meeting
Sept - Mitch Lambros & SSDI
May 12: Free Screenings of
FM Documentary:"Living with FM"
Dr. Pocinki's page; will be on radio
Dr. Friedberg's new page
CFS Photo Exhibit to Union Station
June 14 - Riding Grace Coast to Coast
Win 2007
PDF: 2 page Meeting Handout:
About us, CFS, FM, Dysautonomia
Where and When are Meetings
2007 Schedule, etc.
Group Leader Elly Brosius on
NBC News, November 3 - the launch of the CFS Public Awareness Campaign
New Fibromyalgia Documentary:
"Living with FM"
Wiggles Actor has O.I.
CFS and FM Expert Fred Friedberg to speak at Special Event between Nova CFS/FMS Support Group and
Pain Connection®
Nov 2006 Toni rates us "10" at RemedyFind
Upcoming Nova Speakers/Meetings
October Meeting Summary featuring
Dr. Janine Blackman:
The Return of Soul to Medicine  &
The Role of the Physician in
Integrative Medicine
Newest & Updated Web Pages
Member Media News (Elly on TV!)
Top 10 Non-Traditional Holidays
The EGG Dish

Spanish Language CFS Resources

CFS is My Cause!

Holiday Coping
Holiday Items, Gifts, Cards:
Raise Awareness, Funds for CFS, FM

Excerpts of CFS Classic -
The Alchemy of Illness
Sep 2006  Upcoming Speakers/Meetings
Member Artists
A few recent CFSupport Emails
Our New & Updated Web Pages
The EGG Dish
CFS/FM Media Coverage
Sky dive benefits a FM support group!
Energy Saving Tips, aka Saving a Trip
October 2006 Townsend Letter:
FM, CFS, MCS, Testing & Treatment
Sum 2006 PDF: 2 page Meeting Handout:
About us, CFS, FM, Dysautonomia
Where and When are Meetings
2006 Schedule, etc.
CDC puts CFS ads in Ladies' Home Journal and Better Homes and Gardens 
Jun 2006
Spring CFIDS Chronicle features 
speaker J Gilbert,  
Q&A w/ Brosius, & Sapiurka
CFS Letter to Editor in NV Daily
Possible CFS article w/ members
Tips, Time Savers, & Tidbits

Awareness Day -> Awareness Spring!
Spark! To Ignite CFS Awareness
Casey Fero CFS Tissue / Blood Bank
 YPWC Research Volunteers Needed
CFIDS/FM Self-Help Course  6-12-2006
Participants needed for web CFS Study
Social Security Hearing Prep Video
New FM DVD;  FM/CFS Books
T-shirts, notecards, jewelry

May 2006 Ira UnVolunteers
Website Updates by Elly Brosius
Awareness Event: May 12 at CVS
Yahoo! Chat Gone
May Summary - Antioxidants
Jonathan Gilbert to Speak in June
Public Awareness Campaign
Lobby Days 2006
New Location for The Gilbert Clinic
Press Releases re Genetic Factors
Toni added as MVPS/D moderator
NIH Mulitvitamin/mineral Conf.
2005  New Mason Meeting location  
Oct 2003  Speakers

Support Group Current Affairs

Pain Relief: Edited Excerpt's from a Member's Letter on Hopeful Device
Resources & Links
Dr. De Meirleir on CFS
Les Simpson &
Red Blood Cell Research Update
Bio: Margaret A. Chesney, PhD

A Personal Empowerment Study
Video on Dysautonomia/OI
CFS Advisory Committee (CFSAC)
Oct 2002  Where and When to Attend
Support Group Meeting
DYNA Dysautonomia Video
National FM Partnership
AACFS to be in Chantilly VA
*Deciding to File for Disability*
Coping Skills-Chronic Pain (ACPA)
What is CFS/CFIDS?
Aug 2002
Meetings/Upcoming Speakers

Group Leaders

About the Newsletter

Government Housing Assistance

Excerpts ... "Making a Not TO DO List"

What is CFS/CFIDS?

Jul 2002  Our NoVA CFS/FM/OI Meetings
Group Contacts
Snail Mail Newsletters
Dysautonomia in Washington, DC
MD Bay Area CFS/OI Support
Checking Board Certification
Disabled Parking with an Invisible Illnesses
Cooking Safely
What is CFS/CFIDS? What is FM/FMS? 
May 2002 Group Contacts:
Elly Brosius and Toni Marshall

Support Group Meetings

Resources And Offers

NDRF 2002 Conference
Traveling? Help Move Your Blood

Mar 2002

5HTP and L-Glutamine 
2001 Most Helpful Stuff
Elly's Quipu
Acupuncturist Speaks

NDRF Conference in DC
Wise Traditions Conference
MVP Syndrome Symptoms
MVPS/D Books
MVPS Societies and Resources
Virgina Tax: Subtraction: Disability Income
Laura Hillenbrand Update
Honor Your Emotions
Quipu/Kipu Advocacy Project

Oct 2001

Contact Information

This Month's Thought
Les Simpson, PhD - Red Blood Cell Shape
Light Humor

Sep 2001


Aug 2001

New Group Contact Info:
(703) 968-9818
14404 Brookmere Drive
Centreville VA 20120

Save on Prescriptions
Drugs & Sun
Double Check Those Medical Bills
Joint Pain Tips
Jul 2001 Our Meetings  What is CFS/CFIDS?
Health Insurance Battles
FM: Real Illness, Real Answers NY Times
A Thought
Teitelbaum Book and Study
Walk For Awareness
Peripheral Vasular Disease (PVD)
Coping with  Stress of Chronic Illness
Acurian/Yahoo Clinical Trials

Jun 2001

Member Tonette Hartmann
In Wash Post

Books Recently Added
to our Online Library

Guide to Relaxation Techniques
Resources for Friends and Family
CFS Humor
Synthroid Warning By FDA
Lotronex Update
Gluten Intolerance
Alternatives To Push and Crash

New Lyme Disease Studies
Introducing FM Aware Magazine
Lisa Lorden Leaves
Body Toxic: An Environmental Memoir
Looking Good But Not Feeling Fine
Research:  Lymph Node Cell Transplant
Final Word
May 2001 Summary of April Meeting
by Toni Marshall

Tonette to be Wash Post May 27
Dr. Sarah Myhill's CFS Info Online
More News: Member Laura Hillenbrand

MVPS/D E-Mail List

Source for Support Hose
Area Health Seminars

Revised CFIDS Assn Website

 Apr 2001

Musings On
Illness-Comparison Syndrome

by Toni Marshall

Arthritis Foundation's Drug Guide
Transcripts: AACFS 2001 Conference
More: Hillenbrand & "Seabiscuit"
Collinge: Free Self-Help E-book CFS
Management: Patient with Syncope
Youth Network For OI/CFS
CFS: ICD-9,10 Classification Categories
Social Security E-NEWS
Clinical Trial Info
More: CFS Film "I Remember Me"
Dr. Bell's "Faces of CFS"
Krispin's Komments: Nutrition/Health
CFIDS Association Panel On Neuroendocrine Abnormalities

Mar 2001

 Quote - Member Lolly
BD Barcodes
Dr. Koop & CFIDS
National FM Partnership
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Alternative Medicine Websites
What is CFS/CFIDS?
Fed Tax Withholding for SSDI
Help Reviewing Lab Test Results
CFS/Seabiscuit/Hillenbrand: Wash Post

Feb 2001

Speaker Sam Makoul, HeartMath
Information on Recent Speakers
About Our Email System, Websites
Happy News: Wedding
Happy News II: LTD secured
Group Order of Mini Trampolines

Lobby Days to be Jun 20-21
What is CFS/CFIDS?
Name Change Comments
Reporting Serious Side Effects
Folk Medicine: Respiratory Infections
Friends & Family Can Help Supprt Groups
Non-toxic Pest Control
Wonderful Websites
Save Energy with Grocery Delivery
Report on Gennero Fatigue Lecture
Water Filtration Product
Fibromyalgia News
Mobile Health Screenings


Jan 2001

CSN Honors Three of Our Own:
Marshall, Lambros, Pockinki

CFSupport Email System Changes

FDA Recalls Injectable Medications
The Irritable Heart - Gulf War Syndrome
A Tibetan Medicine Approach to CFS
AACFS Conference In Seattle Jan 2001
Oct '00 State of  Science of CFS Report
Role Of Orthostatic Intolerance In CFS
SSA Raises SGA + TWP Earning Levels & Increases SSI Student EI Exclusion
Employment Law Referrals
Steroids No Help 2 PWCs w Faint Feeling
Illness Experience In Poetry and Art
Nourishing Traditions Ideas for CFS
Your Body's Many Cries For Water
Washington Post on "Zits" and FM
More Items In The News
Recent Books
Genetic Link To CFS
Dissolution of Mont. Co. CFIDS Group

Nov 2000

 Nov 2000 Speakers & Notes

CFS State of Science Mtg Musings

Oct 00 CFSCC Mtg Comments
What is CFS/CFIDS?
Nat'l Women’s Health Info Center
A manly Support Hose Testimonial
Fibromyalgia News
Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 2000

CFS Bookstore on our Site

Summary of August Meeting

Summary of September Meeting

Nominations for CSN Awards

Qi Gong Massager Notes
 CFSCC State of Science held in VA
Dr. Cheney - CFS - The Big Picture
Mold and Allergies
Next CFIDS/FM Self-Help Course
"I Remember Me" Film Update
Wash. Post  on Myofascial Pain
Warning Issued on Drug Lotronex

Efamol/ Importance of Fatty Acids
Michelle Akers Retires
Part time work ideas for PWCs
Keith Jarrett Interviewed
Magnet Therapy
Comments  Lerner's Research
Bell & Streeten OI Research
Autoimmune & Autonomic Linked
"Focus on the Family"  Radio
American Assn/ People Disabilities
Isoprinosine Treatment for CFS

Aug 2000

CFIDS Lobby Days 2000
 Elly's Report

July 2000 Meeting Summary

GAO Report On CFS Released
8 Events Show Progress in Federal Efforts
H-2-GO, Water Discussion
Chi Kung / Qi Gong, Magnets
CFS, FM related Books

Job Accommodation Network , ADA 10th
SNAP for Children With Special Needs
New CFSCC Members Jason and Rabin
CFSCC Website
Nutritional Booklet
Jy Chiperzak Novel: "And So It Began"
October '00 State of the Science of CFS
Recent Study By Drs Bell & Streeten
New York Times Articles on FM & IBS

Jun 2000

 Let's Chat
Mary's "I am Thankful..."
Support Hose
LTD Speaker Bill Dale
Drug Info Added to MEDLINE
Drug Info Online
Disability Atty Davis
Fame 2000
Life Instructions

Apr 2000

   Asthma & Allergy Assistance
NCPOA Health Care Referrals
Housing Information for the Disabled

Moms In Touch
Rx Drug Patient Assistance Programs
Registry For Clinical Research Trials
CFIDS Emergency Relief Services
Montgomery Co Assisted Housing
Research on Orthostatic Intolerance
Patarca-Montero on CFS Research
Chat with Berg of Hemex
EPA Environmental Conditions by Zip
CSPI Reviews of MultiVitamins, Stevia
Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites Testing of Supplements

Dec 1999

CFIDS Support Network CSN Award
to our
NoVA CFS Support Group
Health Care Year End Tips, Y2K
Asthma & Allergy Assistance
Chronic Pain Outreach
Housing Info for the Disabled
"Sleep from A to Zzz"
Navigating the Body Art
Chiari Malformation Info

< Dec 99

these newsletters....  ....are still only in paper form 

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