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In the Media 2013

CFS / CFIDS / ME - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
FM / FMS / Fibro - Fibromyalgia Syndrome
OI / POTS / NMH / MVPS/D - Orthostatic Intolerance Dysautonomias
IBS / IC / MCS / GWI / ... - Overlapping Syndromes, Symptoms to CFS/FM/OI

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Selected Recent News

(CFS, MCS, FM, ME, POTS, NMH, MVPS, OI, IBS, Lyme, sleep, etc)
  • Oregon's fibromyalgia patients, doctors want better coverage, but state leans against
    The Oregonian - 10-8-13
    Fibromyalgia patients and doctors on Thursday will ask the Oregon Health Plan to cover provider visits and medication for their condition.
  • Miss America Contestant Says Lyme Disease "the Worst Experience of My Life"
    Newsday - 8-6-13
    Miss Delaware, Rebecca Jackson, says Lyme disease left her unable to walk, read and in debilitating pain for several months. Named by the Lyme Research Alliance as its Person of the Month, Jackson says she hopes to increase awareness of the illness and urges Lyme sufferers to “never give up hope.”
  • Researchers tie Gulf War illness to brain damage
    USA Today - 3-21-13
    "Researchers say they have found physical proof that Gulf War illness is caused by damage to the brain — and that proof may ultimately help civilians who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia."
  • First Physical Evidence of Gulf War Illness Discovered in Veterans' Brains
    Georgetown University - 3-20-13
    “Pain and fatigue are perceptions, just like other sensory input, and Gulf War Illness could be due to extensive damage to the structures that facilitate them,” says Rayhan. “Some of the veterans we studied feel pain when doing something as simple as putting on a shirt. Now we have something to tell them about why their lives have been so greatly affected.”
  • Ongoing exhaustion can have multiple causes
    Chronic fatigue challenging to treat

     Poughkeepsie Journal, Karen Maserjian Shan - 3-2-13
  • Chronic fatigue patients frustrated with FDA
     SFGate, Erin Allday - 2-15-13
    "And as of this month, when the FDA officially refused to approve Ampligen for treatment of chronic fatigue, she's not sure how much longer she'll be able to get the drug."
  • ‘Fast’ Progress: Ampligen Activist Ends Hunger Strike
     BioWorld - 2-12-13
    "Robert Miller, the patient advocating for Hemispherx Biopharma Inc.’s Ampligen (rintatolimod) for chronic fatigue syndrome by going on a hunger strike in protest of the FDA’s complete response letter, ended the hunger strike over the weekend. Progress was made, he said,…"
  • Mystery disease unraveled by Stanford neurologist
    Inside Stanford Medicine - 10-8-13
    "They don't feel rested. They're completely drained. The inner balance is completely derailed."

  • The Principal Is Back
     East Hampton Star - 1-31-13
    "'I was treated for nine weeks for Lyme with strong antibiotics,' he said. Then, “two independent infectious disease specialists that work on Lyme determined that I never had Lyme. Those antibiotics made me very ill and why I was feeling sick wasn’t being addressed. I was frustrated because I wasn’t getting better.' 'More follow-up with doctors is still required,' he said, 'but they strongly believe I have an orthostatic intolerance. It can cause an increase in heart rate and it affects my blood pressure and I can get symptoms.' Following his new diagnosis, Dr. Soriano said that he is now taking a beta blocker, a prescription medication that helps to regulate and control an individual’s heart rate."

Selected Press Releases

  • FDA's Voice of the Patient Report on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Reveals Disease Impact and Areas for Progress
    PandoraOrg - 10-5-13
    PANDORA Org and other patient organizations say a recent report from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows the agency must take further action to open up opportunities for ME/CFS drug development.
  • Drugs to Treat Fibromyalgia Just as Likely to Harm as Help  Jan 31, 2013 - CFAH
    “The medical field does poorly with the treatment of fibromyalgia in general,” says Brian Walitt, M.D., M.P.H., a co-author of the review and an expert in pain syndromes at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. “Chasing [a cure] with medicine doesn’t seem to work.The people who seem to me to do best sort of figure it out on their own by thinking about things, getting to know themselves, and making changes in their lives to accommodate who they’ve become,” concludes Walitt.

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