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In the Media - 2001

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In the Media - 2001

(Links updated 2/07)

December 2001

  • Review of Film "I Remember Me"
    By Roger Ebert
    Chicago Sun-Times, December 7, 2001
    I now believe in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was one of many who somehow absorbed the notion that it was an imaginary illness. I am ashamed of myself.

  • U.S. Links Gulf War to Lou Gehrig's Disease
    By Adam Marcus
    HealthScoutNews, December 11, 2001

  • Seabiscuit Author Wins Big Sport of Turfdom Award, December 12, 2001
    Laura Hillenbrand, who authored the widely acclaimed best-seller "Seabiscuit: An American Legend," has been named the 2001 winner of the Big Sport of Turfdom award, it was announced Wednesday by Bob Curran Jr., the president of the Turf Publicists of America.   ... Hillenbrand suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and rarely leaves her Washington, D.C. residence. She spent four years researching and writing the book from her home, but welcomed more than a dozen news organizations into her house and conducted more than 100 media interviews by phone. A Washington, D.C. native who attended Kenyon College, she won an Eclipse Award for outstanding magazine writing in 1998 when her free-lance article on Seabiscuit appeared in American Heritage magazine.

  • Lingering Worries Over Vaccine: Some Servicemen, Scientists Question Safety, Effectiveness of Anti-Anthrax Shots
    By Shankar Vedantam
    Washington Post, December 20, 2001
    Reprinted at

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome More Than Being Tired
    By Eleni Berger
    CNN, December 25, 2001

November 2001

  • The Disease That Nearly Destroyed Me
    By Paula Chin
    Ladies' Home Journal, November 2001
    Feature on author Laura Hillenbrand and her struggle with CFS.

  • Peterson Willing, But Her Body Isn't Always Able To Compete
    By Vicki Michaelis
    USA Today, November 1, 2001
    On good days, Peterson can feel stronger and faster than she ever has. On bad days, she can feel like not getting out of bed. Chronic fatigue syndrome, a condition with symptoms that include severe headaches, muscle pain and loss of concentration, has made her Olympic aspirations a ''crapshoot.'' But her Olympic aspirations have made CFS more manageable.

  • The Mystery of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    By Stephen Holden
    The New York Times, November 9, 2001
    By far the clearest picture of chronic fatigue syndrome comes from the first- hand testimony of fellow sufferers who mince no words in describing their prolonged, excruciating misery. ... An intrepid sleuth, Ms. Snyder seems to have left no stone unturned in her search for answers. What is so frustrating about "I Remember Me," which opens today at the Screening Room ... is that after all her work, so few are forthcoming.

  • Interview With Kim Snyder, Director of "I Remember Me"
    New York & Company with Leonard Lopate
    WNYC, New York, November 16, 2001
    To Listen: Audio
    For more information, see the Film's website.

  • Another Win For Seabiscuit; Book Receives Top Award in England, November 26, 2001
    "Seabiscuit", Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling book about the rags-to-riches story of a 1930s Thoroughbred champion and the colorful people associated with him, has been honored with the prestigious "William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award." . . . On all of the major best-selling book lists throughout the year, Seabiscuit has been responsible for garnering considerable publicity for horse racing and its author. Hillenbrand's meticulous research and writing skills have also drawn attention to ways in which she copes with chronic fatigue syndrome.

October 2001

  • Hard-Driving Akers Gives In to Retirement
    By Jere Longman
    The New York Times, October 12, 2001
    Michelle Akers . . . would become widely considered as the greatest player in women's soccer, leading the United States to victories in the 1991 and 1999 women's World Cups and the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. FIFA, the sport's world governing body, named Akers and China's Sun Wen as the top female players of the 20th century. Yet, Akers struggled daily with chronic fatigue syndrome . . . .

  • From the Bucket to the Booker
    By Gillian Bowditch
    The Sunday Times (UK), October 14, 2001
    Hotel World, the second novel by Cambridge-based author Ali Smith, is one of three books nominate for this year's  prestegious Booker Prize. Smith became ill with chronic fatigue syndrome a decade ago, and discusses her illness in the article: "It is a phenomenally life changing, life stopping thing . . . You're faced with a different world and, if you are going to live, you have to renegotiate this world. The illness was the catalyst for my next stage. It allowed me to write."

  • Resisting a Mystery: Filmmaker Fights Back Against Fatigue Malady
    By Cate Terwilliger
    Denver Post, October 29, 2001
    There was a moment in the autumn of 1995 when Kim Snyder knew her body would never be the same. What she didn't know was just how sick she would become, and how long the devastating effects of chronic fatigue syndrome would endure. She learned those things in the years that followed - years characterized by periods of near-total disability and a dogged determination to explore a medical mystery that has ruined the health of thousands.

September 2001

  • Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
    By Lisa Chinn
    The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, September 2, 2001
    Sixteen-year-old Cameron Williams has battled chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome for more than two years. The mysterious disease, which causes exhaustion that can't be relieved by rest, has forced him to leave school.

  • Kim Kenney Honored With Redbook's Mothers & Shakers Award
    Redbook, PR Newswire, September 10, 2001
    K. Kimberly Kenney, President and CEO of The CFIDS Association of America, has been named one of the winners of Redbook Magazine's fourth annual Mothers and Shakers awards. ...  Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sarah Ferguson, duchess of York and Christy Turlington will be among the celebrity honorees. The October issue of Redbook features an article profiling each of the award winners.
    Press Release at Local Health Care CEO Honoerd with REDBOOK Magazine AWARD
    (Link removed 2/07)

  • Behavioral Treatments For Chronic Fatigue Promising, But Research Flawed, Review Says
    Associated Press, September 19, 2001

  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Vague Symptoms, Real Disease
    by Roderick Michael Hyde, PA-C, MPAS
    The Federal  Practitioner, September 2001
    This cover story is a general survey of FMS that makes it clear that the etiology remains unknown and that the origins are not psychiatric. The Federal Practioner is a publication for health care providers of the VA, DoD, and Public Health Service.

August 2001

July 2001

May 2001

April 2001

  • NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw
    April 5, 2001
    Story on author Laura Hillenbrand's battle with CFS. Hillenbrand is the author of the current New York Times # 1 best seller, Seabiscuit: An American Legend.

  • Laura Hillenbrand and Seabiscuit
    NPR Weekend Edition
    April 7, 2001
    Scott Simon talked with author Laura Hillenbrand in an inspiring 20-minute story. Laura discusses her book, Seabiscuit: An American Legend, as well as her struggle with CFS.
    To Listen: Audio

  • Laura Hillenbrand and Seabiscuit
    The Diane Rehm Show
    WAMU, Washington DC
    April 17, 2001
    Laura continued her public discussion of these topics in a wonderful 50-minute conversation on WAMU's national broadcast of The Diane Rehm Show.
    To Listen: Real Player

March 2001

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Orthostatic Intolerance
    Fox 5 News, Washington, DC
    Profile of Toni Marshall
    Summary for CFSupport Subscribers message #335:

    Dear fellow CFSupporters,

    CFS and Orthostatic Intolerance were represented very compassionately on the Fox 5 News this week. Below you will find a summary of the interview if you missed it, and, following the summary is an article on Dr. Bell's excellent work on low blood volume and its relationship to CFS and OI.

    My tv debut took place around 10:40 PM, Thursday, March 1, 2001, and it was good. They edited, masterfully, a very sympathetic picture of CFS, with backup by Dr. Tim Gerrity, who's head of the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at Georgetown U. The OI (Orthostatic Intolerance, the body's inability to tolerate an upright position) connection was mentioned in follow-up by the reporter, so I was more the story than the news that OI and CFS are often related.

    They show me tearing up, unable to continue talking, in the commercial for their 10 PM News, which I found disconcerting, but, as the story is so compassionate, I'm not really complaining. Besides, even Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan don't look good when they're crying.

    The news really is that OI gives us more options for taking care of ourselves, but at least they mentioned how much help I got from support groups, which is where I learned what OI means in terms of self-care.

    I'm grateful my intuition the day of the interview was trusty, that the take on CFS and me would be compassionate. They used my "bizarre symptoms you'd never in a million years connect to Chronic Fatigue....." statement, which would have been more helpful if they'd allowed mention of the OI, or, neurological symptoms, instead of listing only the CDC list of CFS defining symptoms.

    I hoped a more informed message would make it, but, as so many people still don't think CFS is really physical, or, for that matter, real, Fox 5's approach was good, too. The details are what a Support group is for. The entire segment was two minutes, and some sponsor, ie: commercial entity selling something, (I think it was Dodge and/or Xerox) had to pay for those 2 minutes.

    Toni Marshall

  • Against the Odds: Laura Hillenbrand Surmounted Illness To Cross the Finish Line With 'Seabiscuit'
    By Jennifer Frey
    The Washington Post, Friday, March 9, 2001

February 2001

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