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Elly's Gratitude Group (EGG)
for those experiencing
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, & Orthostatic Intolerance

A Guestbook of Gratitude

Why A Guestbook of Gratitude? Why AGOG?

The origin of the word comes from in+fun. The meaning is about looking forward to with eagarness. Gratitude and writing grateful statements helped me find the fun and eagerness for life I was missing from feeling ill so much of the time. In case your are not a daily writer or not a journal person, maybe occasionally signing AGOG while agog for the positive benefits will uplift you. -Elly


very eager or curious to hear or see something
I'm all agog to see London | New York is agog at the gossip.

tell us what happened—we're all agog!

eager, excited, impatient, keen, anxious, avid, in suspense, on tenterhooks,
on the edge of one's seat, on pins and needles, waiting with bated breath.

mid 16th cent.:
from Old French en gogues, from en ‘in’ + the plural of gogue ‘fun.’

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Oxford American Writers Thesaurus, 1st Edition; Apple Computer's "Dictionary"

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Updated June 12, 2009