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Directions - Fairfax Co. Govt Center

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Directions/Travel Page for our Seminar Meetings at

Board Auditorium
The Fairfax County Governmental Center
12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22035

NOVA CFS/ME_FM_and_OI Support Group
April 25, 6-9 PM
Paul R. Cheney, MD/PhD
Photo of Fairfax County Governmental Center Fairfax_County Governmental Center
12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax VA
Enter at Center,  on outside of this horseshoe shaped building
Board Auditorium to the right after Enter
CFSupport's JPG Map to the Fairfax County Government Center
CFSupport's PDF Map to the Fairfax County Government Center

See also our Current Events page for any pending seminar details.

In the Building
  • CFSupport's Map Inside the Building
  • Once inside the building, the Board Auditorium is to the right
  • Entry level is the 2nd floor
  • You can enter the Auditorium from the top level and walk downstairs to find a seat or,
    You can take the elevators down, walk all the way to the front lower doors and enter and climb stairs up to find a seat.
  • Wheelchair seats would be at the very top or the very bottom only
  • There are bathrooms on both levels.
  • Only capped water bottles are allowed in the Auditorium. No food.
  • People can eat outside the Auditorium in the area known as The Forum

Driving Directions

The Fairfax County Governmental Center is located outside the Capital Beltway (Route 495) at 12000 Governmental Center in Fairfax, VA. To plot your own course, go to Mapquest.
Parking is Free.

Use Arial maps, satellite maps to see the huge horseshoe shaped building. 

The directions on this page are adapted from internet map programs with local person's hints.

CFSupport's JPG Map to the Fairfax County Government Center
CFSupport's PDF Map to the Fairfax County Government Center

Directions From Dulles Airport (<---click on this for Mapquest map)

(also fromRoute 28 South from Sterling, VA)

Short Version: Leave airport, Exit Route 28 South, Exit 29 West, Left on Forum Drive, Left onto Gov't Center Pkwy, Turn Right into the driveway for The Fairfax Co. Governmental Center at 12000. Use the Arial maps, satelitte maps to see the huge horseshoe shaped building. That is the target.).

Spelled out:

Leave the Airport , following signs for VA-28 / VA-267-TOLL RD
Almost immediately outside the airport, the Dulles Access Road splits off to have a "service" road along its outsides called the Dulles Toll Road, VA- 267. This has all the local exits. Coming from the airport, or going to the airport, you will not have to pay a toll.

A very  important turn is the one just after you leave the airport so don't relax just because you figured out how to leave.

Look for where the road splits into the 267 part, and make the first exit, Route 28, South. If you are too eagar at the airport and exit one too soon, it just takes you back to the airport for a loop around. Repeat until get to Rt 28 south.

Exit onto VA-28 South  / SULLY RD. Go 9.3 mi

(If you miss it, and I sometimes still do, go the the next exit in Herndon, Centreville Rd, and make a right on either Frying Pan Park, McLearn Rd, or Route 50. All will connect you back to Sully Rd, Rout 28 South.)

From VA 28 South, Exit RIGHT onto US-29 N / LEE HWY. Go 4.4 mi   

Turn LEFT onto FORUM DR, go  0.2 mi

Turn LEFT onto Government Center Pkwy  0.3 mi

Turn RIGHT into driveway for Fairfax Governmental Center at
Continue down long driveway until see the big building.
Closest parking is on the left side.
12000 Government Center Pkwy Fairfax, VA 22035-0001   
20 minutes Estimated Distance: 14.8 miles

Note: Yahoo maps takes you along Route 50: about the same distance, but perhaps more traffic lights. Once on 50, the directions become the same as below, from Bethesda.

Short version: Rt 28 S, to Rt 50 E, to Right on Waples Mills Rd, to right on Rt 29 W. Right on Forum and Left onto Gov't Center Pkwy. Turn Right into the driveway for The Fairfax Co. Governmental Center at 12000.

From Bethesda, MD, and The Northside of the Capital Beltway  (495), crossing into VA

Exit onto US-50 E / Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy - Exit 57A Fairfax   
Go STRAIGHT at fork/complex intersection, changing on to US 29-South  / LEE Hwy
Turn RIGHT onto FORUM DR    go 0.2 mi   
Turn LEFT onto GOVERNMENT CENTER PKWY    go  0.4 mi   
Turn RIGHT at sign for Fairfax County Governmental Center
Continue down long driveway until see the big building.
Closest parking is on the left side.
12000 Government Center Pkwy Fairfax, VA 22035

(these directions updated 4/24/09)


1. Parking is free.
2. Park on either side of the central driveway, though the left side as you face the building may get you closer to the entrance if you need to save a few steps.
3. Handicap parking spots are available, but many people in our support groups have tags or placards for those spaces.

Metro Rail Directions

The closest Washington DC Metro Rail station is Vienna/Fairfax-GMU, on the Orange Line
(Amtrak goes to Washington DC Union Station, which is on the Red Line.)

A taxi from this station would be required to get to the meeting location. Inquire with the group to see if a carpool is a possibility.

For more info on using the Washington Metro, please visit the WMATA site and, specifically, the Station Page for Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Station.

Rental Car vs. Public Transportation (Buses, Taxis)

Fairfax county does have some great public transportation, just not all of it is active on weekends when we meet. The trains run less frequently, and many bus routes are M-F only. If you want to check, go to the Washington Area Transit Authority website.

People with Disabilities and Seniors can get half-price fares, but it takes some set up... which long distance travelers may not be able to do.

Renting a car has its advantages, is the way to go, according to those already making plans to fly in. Some are getting GPS in the cars to help them navigate our strange streets that change names all the time.

Rental cars offer more flexibility if able to go out to eat or shop for food, and they can be cheaper then our taxis.

There are 7 rental car companies to choose from at Dulles Airport.

Taxi Information - Washington Flyer

Member Tips:
Bring someone with you to drive if renting a car.

If coming alone, the airport shuttle for hotel and cab for event may be best.

If have to use taxis, perhaps use one of those small, really light folding camping chairs or a sports stool, maybe something with a shoulder strap for easier carrying, to make sitting possible while waiting for the cab each time they call one.

Renting a car will be the way to go. There is only a difficult, 3-step bus route from the airport (according to wmata). I understand that Fairfax Co. has its own bus system, but the local hotels had a bus stop at least a block away—too much for sick people coming in. The cost of cab fare is about the same as renting a car: ~$30 each way from the airport to hotel, then ~$5-7 each way to the gov’t complex from the hotel, ~$10-15 to the grocery store, etc. Also, using a cab may be hard on people to find a seat to wait for the cab. Car rental seemed reasonable, about $70 a day, once taxes and fees are added, maybe a little less if you use your own comprehensive auto insurance.


Nearby Hotels

Hotels closer to Dulles Airport with Free Airport Shuttles

Hotels closer to Fairfax Governmental Center; these have no Airport Shuttles

Homestead Studio Suites - Fairfax, VA (703) 273-3444 Pets ok, no restaurant

Hyatt Fair Lakes (703) 818-1234
Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks

Restaurants (Use Mapquest Link)

At Wegmans in Fairfax (on Monument Dr,  close to Route 29 / Lee Hwy)

At Fairfax Corner (Across Monument Dr, at the other end from Wegmans, closer to Rt 66 & Fair Oaks Mall).
At Fair Oaks  Mall - Fairfax VA

Closest Urgent or Emergency Care / Hospitals

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, Fairfax, VA (703) 391-3600

Reston Hospital, Reston, VA  (703) 689-9000

Fair Lakes Urgent Care, Fairfax (703) 222-3555

24 Hour / 7 day a week Pharmacy  
CVS (703) 378-0162
3919 Centreville Rd
Chantilly VA 20151

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Updated April 24, 2009