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The Art Form of Healing

"Art, it's one healing thing to do and... you don't need to be an artist to paint or draw!"

Before Art

Nina Face - Before Art

The Early CFIDS Days

Developing my "Simplified" Style in poster and finger paint.

Nina's Simplified Painting 1 Nina's Simplified Painting 2 Nina's Simplified Painting 3

Obviously female images were important to my subconscious.  Too bad I didn't know/notice. :-)

 Nina's Simplified Painting 4

Journal Entries

Early 2007

Nina's Resistance

Why am I so Resistant to Change?
February 28 2007

Nina's House of Horrors

The Child's House of Horrors
February 23, 2007


Nina's She is Stubborn

(At this point in time) She is Stubbor(n)
February 2007

Early September 2007:

Nina's Sacro-eek-iac

Nina's Heart Lobe of Hurt

Nina's So Peaceful

Nina's Shards

Shards, September 2007

Moods that Cycle Through my Journal

Nina's Green Mouth


Nina So Many Colors So Little Time

So Many Colors
So Little Time

Nina What was I? What am I becoming?

What Was I?
What am I Becoming?

Past Reaching into Future reaching iNto Past

rEAching iNto PaST

Nina Flying High

Flying High
Feeling Safe

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