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CFSupport's Art Gallery
Expression, Education, Advocacy

About and/or by People With
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS / CFIDS / M.E.)
Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FM / FMS)
MVPS/D and Similar Syndromes

Create For Suriving, Create For Soul
The CFS to the 2nd Power Wing

Rita's Nurturing Art
Rachel Creative

Jazzie's Sculpture

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Rita's Nurturing Art for Finding Self-Love

Artwork by Rita Loyd

This Darkness Shall Pass by Rita Loyd

"This Darkness Shall Pass"

Slow Down by Rita Loyd

"Slow Down"

Free Yourself by Rita Loyd

"Free Yourself"

Generational Wisdom by Rita Loyd

"Generational Wisdom"

There are many teachers in life including life itself.
Anger teaches me
that I have still unresolved issues from the past.
Depression teaches me
that I have momentarily forgotten my truth.
Fear teaches me
that I have not fully developed trust  in myself, in life itself and in the Creator.
Abuse teaches me
that I have not set appropriate boundaries.
Anxiety teaches me
that I am repeating a defeating message in my thoughts.
Panic teaches me
that I have lost the belief of Safety, Connection and Love.
Obstacles are simply teachers
directing me to examine the barriers that I have set between myself and with love.

by Rita Loyd

Heart Unlocked by Rita Loyd

"Heart Unlocked"

by Rita Loyd

Rachel Creative

Half and Half

Half and Half

Totally exhausted with a superwoman stance.
CFS is not who I am, but shapes so much.

I’m an artist, but not able to reach full speed.
I’m not even an artist, I work in an office in IT.
I’m not even doing THAT day to day because I’m so ill. 
But even in the office my blood is my blood and my heart is my own.

I’m a good friend, daughter, wife, sister.
I’m not there to help anyone.

I’m strong, defiant, a fighter - bursting with positivity.
I’m weak, deflated, defeated - a natural pessimist.
I’m happy and content.  I’m unhappy and unsettled.

I’m not one thing or the other.
I’m half and half a hundred times over.


Fatigue Engineer

Half and Half (Doodle)

October 2007

Needing Assistance

Needing Assistance

October 2007

About Rachel
For more of her art, see thumbnails at

Our Spirits

Our Spirits Sculpture for ME/CFS Awareness

Original clay sculpture
Dedicated to those who suffer
 the most difficult health challenges daily
in more ways than one

This sculpture was created for
Our Spirits will always sustain us.
Together, we will conquer.

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The Northern VA CFS/FMS Support Group & CFSupport are informal support groups and website led by volunteers. Group leaders Elly and Toni have the experience of chronic illness and are not medical, counseling, or legal professionals. Please seek out qualified physicians and other Practitioners for
diagnosis,  treatment, and legal advice. Thank you.

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Updated October 14, 2010